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Re: Cross bottony device problem

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

Morgan wrote:

> And yes, Miri, I could have registered it as a personal badge and
> it to the Principality when the time came, but I didn't think that there
> was someone out there who would stoop so low as to throw a temper tantrum
> and pass it as their own arms, just to deprive the whole Northern Region
> of a well-liked, and positively-affirmed Arms.

I feel compelled...  

Folks, an assumption is being made here that *could* be entirely false.  I
used to use my own arms as examples when I consulted with submitters.  They
would go away and come back very excited 6 months later with their proposed
devices that they "designed on my own!!!", except that invariably, they
were exactly like mine with maybe one small difference.  Why?  Because that
design stuck out so strongly in their minds that when they went to design
their own device, it seemed like that was their own idea.

It happens a LOT.  And it could have happened here...

Rhiannon, Triton

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