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beowulf -- adding one's mite

Poster: AlysounA@aol.com

Karen Larsdatter wrote:

<<Aha!  I've found a passage in the original Beowulf that talks about 
the stormtroopers!!

This heard in his home    Hygelac's thane,
great among Geats,    of Grendel's doings:
"Slew many soldiers,    Hrothgar's henchmen!
Stormtrooper squadrons    gladly gallumphed to Grendel.
Grisly Grendel grinned grimly,    seeing shiny new playthings,
Bonked each on the bean    while wielding a willow-tree,
Created cacophony   of coconut-like clunks.">>

As long as little bunny foo-foo is in the pictue, how about adding the

Then dull rang the   drum of the beast  
 as he pounded        helms of the troopers
 ere joints cracked    and thews tore.    
Whence would come one      with the force to deny him;
tell the foul monster      to scoop not such prey?
Who dared deprive him    of luncheon so tender;
within such hard shells  so uncouthly unframed. 

who still wishes she could be swimming in that lovely african river (denial)
rather than anticipating this movie . . .
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