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Re: On the differences between the North and South...

Poster: Shawn Riggin <sriggi1@gl.umbc.edu>

On Sun, 13 Sep 1998, Michael Houghton wrote:
[snippets cut here]

> North of Caer Mear, there are six baronies, two shires, and a canton which
> is probably going to become a barony itself at some point in the not too
> distant future. There is much commerce among these groups, and each has a
> distinctive character.

Speaking solely as a member of the Canton of Spiaggia Levantina, I just
have one thing to say: (puzzled look) "We're going barony in the not too
distant future?!?!"
Trust me, I've been here in Spiaggia and Bright Hills since not too long
after Spiaggian inception... the talks of going barony aren't a real big
concern right now.  We're still a very, very new group in the scope of
things, and IMHO, are no where near ready to make that huge jump from
canton to barony.  If you consider not too distant future 4-5 years, then
yes, you might be able to say that, but as it stands now, its not a big
topic of discussion down here.  We've grown relatively fast, and yes, we
too have had our problems like any group has when they expand greatly, but
baronial status is not on our list of priorities at this point in time,
nor will it be for a while, I believe.

As far as individual character is concerned, I do agree... each group up
here has their own distinct character.  Lord knows, there are enuff
characters in Spiaggia.  :)

In Service,
(The views expressed here are solely my own and do not speak for the
beliefs of the Canton of Spiaggia Levantina nor anyone else within her

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