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Thrusts to the Side of the Head

Poster: Mike Ward <mward2@polaris.umuc.edu>

Fighters and Marshalls,

This rule (4.E.) does not reduce the safety concerns in this matter at
all. It does not prevent fighters from thrusting to the head, but only
allows the recipient to ignore a shot that lands there, regardless of
power or accuracy.  

As for those who would use this rule to avoid a face
thrust,  I think a solution can be found in the way we deal
with fighters moving non-eliglible targets (hands and lower legs)into
the target area, then the shot will still count where it lands, if it is a 
telling blow. This way, sneaks who try to avoid
death by looking away will get what they deserve, and others will not get
blind sided. 
However this is only a solution to the problem that the rule itself has

Do not confuse this head turning action with with dodging and
causing glancing shots, this will still happen. The problem is
substituting an area that can't have a telling blow for one that can. 

This rule does not contribute to the safety or enjoyment of the sport, and
it should be reconsidered if it is necessary or even beneficial.



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