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University announcements

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

Gentle friends!

A couple of University-related announcements:

1) The catalog is currently up on the University web site (thank you,
Gregory!) so if you haven't gotten your Acorn yet, you can check there
for the classes and send me an email to register.  There have been some
cancellations and additions - I will try to get them up there at the
beginning of next week.

2) Please *do* pre-register for University!  It speeds your check-in
when you get there, and allows us to plan how to allot the various
classrooms available.  In addition, if you plan to partake of the lunch
offering, we need to know so that the cooks know how much food to make!

3) It's not too early to start thinking about the next session of
University!  It is my *hope* to hold the next session on the first
weekend of February (subject to the possible scheduling conflict with
Unevent, in which case the first weekend in March (if that's not
Coronation) or some other weekend in February).  It is also my desire to
hold it somewhere in the southern reaches of the Kingdom - somewhere in
the Sacred Stone/Nottinghill Coill area would probably be best.  I've
had interest expressed from a couple of groups but I need a formal 'yes
we want to do it, here's the site we're offering, etc.'  Contact me
privately for site requirements, etc.

Thank you!

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