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I agree with Lyanna -- home is where the heart is.  But one also must realize
that "home" can change.  I grew up in the MidRealm, and swore fealty there
(the Crown allows the populace to swear fealty) and still considered myself
bound by it when I moved to Atlantia.  But a year or so later when I realized
that "home" was now Atlantia, and that I could not in good conscience be on
the Marinus Baronial polling while I was still bound to the Middle, I asked to
be released from my vows (and boy, was that hard!)  But I still feel that it
was the right decision, and while there will always be a place for me at the
feast table in the Hall under the great maple on the shores of the Inland Sea
in Ealdormere, home is Atlantia.

Baroness Olwen
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