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Kingdom/group loyalty

Poster: clevin@ripco.com (Craig Levin)

This is from my lady, Devora bat Shimshon:

> Pedro, will you please tell my story to the good folk at the Merry Rose
> Tavern?  I'm rather busy in my courtyard, just now.
> I occasionally get to look in on the Merry Rose, and as I was passing by, I
> heard slipping out the door talk of where folks have made their SCA homes.
> I was first acquainted with the good folk of Myrkfaellyn, who consider the
> king of the East, and now probably of Aethelmearc to be a nice guy. (So
> spake the Lawspeaker when I was there.)  I made many friends there, and when
> my wandering feet bade me leave, my heart was sore wounded. 
> After some time dwelling in Mundania, I found myself in the Middle Kingdom,
> and rejoiced that I should again know the feasts and hunts that I so sorely
> missed.  The practices of that kingdom were unlike those of my Myrkfaellyn
> home, and I was confused at first, as I did not know the proper address for
> these genteel folk, and was sore tongue-tied.  My lord, Pedro, did meet me
> then, and helped me to know the place where I was.
> When he traveled forth to Atlantia, what could I do but follow?  In some
> ways, I will always be a Myrkie.  Twelfth night last gladdened my heart,
> when it brought me my shieldbrother on embassage to our fair realm.  We sat
> and did talk merrily all through feast of our acquaintances of old. Again,
> at the Storvik feast for those returning from the War, did I spy two of our
> lot, and sent many messages through them.
> For all this, though, I am an Atlantian, also.  Here is my foster mother,
> Lady Megan, and many friends, and the place I registered my device at long
> last.  It will be from here that I travel for the first time to the War.
> There are many here that I would miss with the same soreness as my
> shield-brothers of old.
> Devora bat Shimshon
> Elizabeth M. Ulrich
> "Sell your certainty and buy bewilderment."
> -Jelal ud-Din Rumi

Craig Levin
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