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Re: Loyalty...

Poster: JBRMM266@aol.com

I know not how I would feel were I to leave Atlantia.  I "sprung up" in the
now-Barony of Thescorre in the East, of which I was a co-founder and whose
name I crafted.  (contact me privately and I'll tell you that tale.)

I moved to what was then the southern wilderness of the East in AS IX, and not
long after, began the rather stumbling process that resulted, eventually, in
the Shires, then Baronies, of Tir-y-Don and Marinus.  I was an active
participant in the movement to establish Atlantia, and as one of the oldest
Atlantians (after all, I was here before Atlantia was!), I feel a particular
bond to the Blue and White.

Were I to leave, I would probably aye think myself an expatriate, and would be
troubled if my loyalty to my new home called me into contact with Atlantia,
but I am sure I would find some way to resolve it.  There are many real
examples of conflicting loyalties resolved in very diplomatic and courteous

So much for the ramblings of an old-timer . ...

~Donal Mac Ruiseart
Founding (not current) Baron Marinus
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