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Re: Female Royal Peers

Poster: Josh <dungeon@norfolk.infi.net>

>Okay, I have a general *to the Populace* question - what does the
>general Populace expect from an ex-queen or ex-princess?  
Well I personally I expect them to be more involved then they were before
their reign. Not because they should I just have the perception that they do
out of love for the game. That is caused in my opinion by the increase
exposure to how a kingdom or princiapality ticks and what keeps it running.
I do also respect ex queens, kings, princesses, and princes, for they gave 6
month give or take by kingdom to the game both in time and money. Being
royalty does have a price tag. So one would not be going out of the ballpark
to say one should not expect much more from them. Since they have already
given so much. I personally would take a break for awhile after being a king
or prince because of burn out. I can't help but respect people who sacrifice
so much for others so I salute all who give there lives to the game  to be
Tristan ap Elwin

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