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RE: request for archery equipment recommendations

Poster: "Gene Bonar" <gbonar@auspex.com>

Greetings Oh loving and charming The Ursula and all other Rosies,

The Ventura was a great all around recurve.  They were about $275 when you
could get them.  You can still find people who are willing to sell them.  If
you find one, buy it right away and then call me.

Until then there are the the Martin X100 and X200's.  As recurves go these
are good all around bows.  The X100 goes for about $130 and the X200 goes
for $250.  There are other good bows out there but, I have used these and
can recommend them plus, you can get them just about anywhere.  Here are 2
The difference is the way they draw and how well they transfer the energy to
the arrow.

As far as the company, WhippWil Archery, that greytom@juno.com spoke of.
Beth and I went to the Va Ren Faire, and even though I wasn't planning to
buy a bow.  I bought a Osage Orange 30# English-style longbow on the spot
for $130.  I like his philosophy of bow making and his attention to details.
He also makes good arrows and strings.  He gives you one arrow with each bow
you buy.  The shafts are hand made and are barreled!  He also weights and
spines them.  OK, I know I have slipped into archery-speak so if there is
any thing you don't understand contact me off line.



Here are two places that I can recommend where you can get the Martins.

Go in peace,

THL Eógan mac Ailpein,    archer and Windmasters' Hill pursuivant
Elvegast, Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia
mka Gene Bonar  919.772.1112  gbonar@auspex.com

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