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Re: Pavillion?

Poster: Beiskaldi@aol.com

In a message dated 98-10-14 20:54:04 EDT, amalric@erols.comz.maxson.com
(remove the z) writes:

>  It is usable, and fairly weatherproof, but has drawbacks in that it
>  does mist inside on heavy rain (so I'm told), and discolors a bit after
>  use.  There are several people that are going to be waterproofing theirs
>  before they use it again.  The cost of making one yourself compared to
>  buying a medieval tent from a merchant is quite low.

Speaking from strictly personal experience, yes canvas pavilions do tend to
mist a tiny bit--nothing that has been a serious problem for me, compared to
last year's Kingdom Crusades, where after a not-terrible rain I literally had
to pour out my purse when staying in a nylon tent...

Where cost is concerned, I assume you are speaking in a purely monetary sense.
(I must have paid too close attention in economics....)  In other forms of
cost, a machine capable of sewing a tent is generally needed, plus the time,
skills and energy to do so.

I do agree that the sunforger canvas seems to be the best to use, from what I
have seen.

Slan go foill,

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