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Re: Pavillion?

Poster: Brian Elliott <"amalric"@erols.comz.maxson.com (remove the z)>


Thyra wrote:

> Speaking from strictly personal experience, yes canvas pavilions do tend to
> mist a tiny bit--nothing that has been a serious problem for me, compared to
> last year's Kingdom Crusades, where after a not-terrible rain I literally had
> to pour out my purse when staying in a nylon tent...

Agreed!  Canvas has many advantages over nylon camping tents for SCA use!  It's
cooler in the heat, holds up to the harsh weather, and winds, and one (monitored)
candle inside can dry the place out in a fairly short period of time.

> Where cost is concerned, I assume you are speaking in a purely monetary sense.
> (I must have paid too close attention in economics....)  In other forms of
> cost, a machine capable of sewing a tent is generally needed, plus the time,
> skills and energy to do so.

Many of us in the SCA have the sewing machine to do heavy sewing as required for
building a pavillion.  There is the added cost of broken needles and heavy thread
for the sewing, but all in all $200.00 to $800.00 is a fraction of what it costs
to buy a $1500.00 pavillion from a merchant.  Not to mention the fact that most
SCAdians are willing to do the work they do on SCA items as their hobby, thus not
billing themselves for the time  and energy spent on the project.  Also, there is
the satisfaction of looking up at the fruits of your labor as you drift off to
sleep...  : )  I can't wait to build mine!  I've loved my mitered corner tent
master's pavilion, but I'm ready to make my own.

Happy camping!
-Sir Amalric Blackhart

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