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Re: Pavillion?

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>


As far as sewing machines go, I made my huge (11'x12') Viking tent on an old Kenmore
12 stitch.  You needn't get a huge fancy machine.


> Thyra wrote:
> (shnipperoo)
> > Where cost is concerned, I assume you are speaking in a purely monetary sense.
> > (I must have paid too close attention in economics....)  In other forms of
> > cost, a machine capable of sewing a tent is generally needed, plus the time,
> > skills and energy to do so.
> Many of us in the SCA have the sewing machine to do heavy sewing as required for
> building a pavillion.  There is the added cost of broken needles and heavy thread
> for the sewing, but all in all $200.00 to $800.00 is a fraction of what it costs
> to buy a $1500.00 pavillion from a merchant.  Not to mention the fact that most
> SCAdians are willing to do the work they do on SCA items as their hobby, thus not
> billing themselves for the time  and energy spent on the project.  Also, there is
> the satisfaction of looking up at the fruits of your labor as you drift off to
> sleep...  : )  I can't wait to build mine!  I've loved my mitered corner tent
> master's pavilion, but I'm ready to make my own.
> Happy camping!
> -Sir Amalric Blackhart

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