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Re: From the East Realm.

Poster: JBRMM266@aol.com

In a message dated 98-10-15 11:33:56 EDT, lil_tristan@yahoo.com writes:

<< What an interesting idea for a melee... A Bumblers' Brigade...armed with
rubber chickens... *grin*  It could happen! @:) >>

Once at Pennsic, years and years ago, the Prince of Meridies appeared in our
camp with three of those rubber chickens, and commenced juggling them.

When he dropped one and it landed at my feet, I took it up in mock
indignation, asking if he was challenging me.  Seizing a buckler that was
hanging on a nearby pavilion, I took a stance.  So did he.  We saluted and
went at it . .. chicken florentine vs. chicken and platter.

It ended when we both collapsed in laughter.

~Donal Mac Ruiseart
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