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Re: Newcomer in search of help! -Reply

Poster: burginde@juno.com (deborah e burgin)

And don't forget the trash bags for scraps from lunch and especially for
dirty dishes-

Crown Tourney, hmmm.  Let's see...
>Comfortable chair, something to drink & eat (oranges, nuts, pickles,
>cheese, etc. are all nice, easy tourney snacks) while watching 
>maybe some lunch if you'd rather have sandwiches than snacky stuff... 
>Cloth to hide your cooler and other modern junk.  Sunscreen!!!  Even 
>it's chilly, there's still a danger of sun or windburn.
>For feast, drinking vessel (mug or goblet), bowl (hint!  The smaller 
>bowl, the less soup you get, so if you don't really care much about 
>the soup, bring a small bowl!  You can almost always get a second 
>of the soup if you like it, but it's heck to get rid of if you didn't 
>it...), plate, napkin, fork, spoon, SHARP KNIFE!!!  Many times you may 
>to cut the meat brought for the whole table.  A steak or carving knife 
>really, really handy in your feast gear, when presented with a whole
>chicken or a large roast.
>Tablecloth, candlesticks and candles are optional, since other people 
>your table will probably have them, but if you've got them, bring 

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