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Re: Newcomer in search of help! -Reply

Poster: lp12546@WCUVAX1.WCU.EDU

I would also suggest some type of blanket and a large pin/broach.  You can
use the banket and pin to fashion a cloak to keep you warm at night while
wandering around the site and can be used to sit on during the tourney if
you don't want to bring a chair.  I had a friend who used an old army
blanket and a decorative pin for a couple of years untill she could get a
proper cloak and it didn't look too bad.  
	You may also want to bring some type of lantern (if you happen to
have one)/candle and holder or a small flashlight (that can be easly
tucked away in a pocket/pouch/boot when not in use) because it will get
dark and you will trip over at least one tree root/rock.  You wouldn't
want to have to be carried back to your tent because of a
sprained/cut/badly brused/etc. foot.  I hope you enjoy your first event
and don't worry, if any one gives you any grief over your garb and stuff
(which I seriously doubt!) just explain to them that your new and ask how
to improve your "look".  I'm sure they'd be happy to give you some

In service,
Brighid Ni Chillin

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