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Re: Newcomer in search of help! -Reply

Poster: Doug and Maria Munitz <ginevra@bellsouth.net>

>Poster: Ed Whitfield <Ed.Whitfield@rich.frb.org>

>If I bring a regular lawn chair will I get "flamed"?
>BTW - I have enjoyed the company of the Merry Rose
>very much!
>Mundanely yours,
>Ed (also in need of a name) Whitfield

If that is what you have to sit in, bring it by all means.  But if you feel
uncomfortable about its mundanity, just bring a nice blanket to throw over
It'll be more comfortable AND if it gets cold, as it is apt to in November,
you'll have a blanket handy.
Keep period as is within your means and circumstances.  The "stuff" will
come with time and opportunity.  Just ignore that tiny few who make sport
out of sticking their noses up at those who don't have all the neat
"period" stuff that they have.  They're that way in their mundane lives as
well.  Remember, have fun, because if not, what's the point!

Yours in service,
Lady Ginevra  de'Rossi

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