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reply to newcomer looking for help

Poster: Arawynn of Ravenhall <arawynn@ipass.net>

Forgive me, good gentles, 

but in response to our newcomer going to his first event, did anyone
happen to mention a chatelain? We have a position that fills the needs
of the newcomer. The officer should be equipped with loaner clothing,
feastgear, and any information a new person could wish to have!

This is why the position of Chatelaine exists. Make use of our
If anyone has the contact info for the Chatelaine/Castellan for Caer
Maer, you might want to send it privately to this gentle, so that they
may be further helped. I think it is important to  have a little time to
accustom oneself to the SCA before having to go crazy finding feast gear
and garb!

Please forgive if this has been said before, I get the digest and only
have time to skim usually. 

In Service to the Dream,

Lady Arawynn of Ravenhall

Baronial Arts and Sciences Minister- Windmasters' Hill, Comp. of the
order of the Pearl, AOA, past Baronial A&S Champion -WH, and a few other
and sundry Baronial awards, and I want Eogan to send me those dirty
verses to Grandmother's House!
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