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Re: Event "supplies"

Poster: "Jessica Wilbur" <jessica@pop.net>

> Poster: Kymber Miner <kymber@mindspring.com>
> Pier One often carries both the wooden and black metal varieties, but I
> believe that they are under the impression that chairs are a seasonal item.
>  Specifically a Summer seasonal, it may be too late to find them at this
> point.  The other place I seem to remember seeing them is at the
> Williamsburg (actually in Lightfoot) Pottery Outlets ... somewhere in the
> maze.

<snrt!> As a former Rencesterite, I'm firmly convinced that you can find anything you could 
ever possibly want at the Pottery, if you look long enough. I got my first set of feast gear 
there for a total of about $5. And I'm still using it. 

The Candle Factory is a fun place too... ah, nostalgia.

--Muireann, thinking it's time for another trip back to the 'burg...
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