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Crusader poetry schtick.

Poster: Efenwealt Wyslte <wystle@ipass.net>

The following is not Laurel Authorized(tm). Do not attempt this at home. The
events and characters portrayed are purely fictious. Any resemblence to actual
persons or events is completely and utterly coincidental. Void where prohibited
by law. May shrink after washing. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.
Use only as directed.

Whene'er the great poets of Atlantia's fair land would pen their mighty
verses, rousing the people and stirring the blood, Efenwealt Wystle
would create a Serviette (thus called because they were often written
upon the backs of napkins) and satirize the noble works of greater men.(dramatic
pause...) Upon reading the Sirventes of Niall Dolphin and Bryce de Byrum
concerning the Kingdom Crusade he wrote the following Serviette one day at

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb *giggle* wrote some durned good verse
But Efenwealt's often sensless drivel put money in his purse.*hmmmm*

Though Art is grand and Art is good when spelt with a capital 'A'
The sounds of farts and ruder noises can keep the spirit gay.

Let those who know of noble things speak of noble deeds.
But we who are of lower birth will live by tricks and greed. *chuckle*

I'll go to fight I'll go play and kill a fiend or two. (SMASH THE EASTERN
And if you guys are nice to me I'll save few for you.

Now end these rants, this lunacy, these lists of your awards. :-)
I'll see you both on Saturday. Now get your shields and swords. 

(and now for the french verse...)

thus spake Efenwealt
*tee hee*... *giggle* .... *snort*
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