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Kingdom Crusades, Heavy Fighting Questions ...

Poster: Eli White <eliwhite@home.com>

Just curious if anyone in the Tavern knew the answer to these, as I have
only heard rumors ...

1) Anyone know when the heavy fighting is starting at Crusades?  The rumor
I heard was 11:00am, but havn't had it confirmed yet.

2) Does anyone know if the 7.5' padded polearms will be allowed or not?
Since they are legal by Atlantia's rules, but only 7.5' UNpadded are
allowed by Easts rules ... There becomes a question as to whether BOTH
types, one type, or neither will be allowed.  I was wanting to know so I
knew if I needed to pack it or not :)

Thanks in advance!
Siegfried Sebastian Faust

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