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Event Stuff for New Folks

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

I've always figured if you're new and you're in an area where there is
an established group, then borrow stuff.  If you've never been to an
event, it's hard to know if a) you'll want to really get into the SCA,
b) what sort of feastgear and so on you'll want if you do, c) what you
need for garb.

I'd say check things out first with the advice of an experienced member
and borrow stuff.  Once you've seen how things go and you have an idea
if this craziness is for you, then go ahead and invest in stuff.

Example:  My first feastgear was pewter.  I had problems with my plate
being too hot or too cold as well as my mug burning my lips.  Then, I
went to wood.......which got put in a dishwasher by someone, split, and
I ended up going with ceramic feastgear for safety, and ease of cleaning
and maintaining.  If I had started out borrowing stuff first, I wouldn't
have spent the money on the pewter or the wood, and would have saved
myself some trouble.  YMMV

Also, don't worry about your garb being not good enough or out of
place.  My first garb was a green doubleknit polyester square-necked
gown with a sewn-on belt that wrapped around and was trimmed in that
store-bought machine-crocheted white lace that was popular in the 70's.
I kept apologizing for it looking so bad- it was the only thing I could
borrow from someone in the drama department.  Folks just laughed and
told me not to worry...you can decide what you want for garb and make it
after you've seen what sort of stuff people wear.

Don't think you have to show up at your first event and amaze everyone
with your authenticity, or have everything all together and so forth.
RELAX.  Folks will help you.  Just enjoy the event and soak up the
atmosphere and learn what it is you want to do in the SCA...


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