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Re: Sumptuary Laws

Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>

At 11:01 PM 10/15/98 -0400, David KUIJT wrote:
>> Could anyone please tell me what the sumptuary laws concerning
circlets in
>> this Kingdom are?  What is the maximum width for an AoA, are
>> and/or enameling allowed.  What about a mounted stone? Thank you.
>> Lady Ginevra
>There are no sumptuary laws concerning circlets in Atlantia.  No
>restrictions, no restrictions on pictures, enamelling, or mounted
>The only restrictions are SCA-wide ones: embattled circlets are
>for Counts (like moi), strawberry leaves for Dukes, balls in various
>numbers reserved for Baron/ess or Viscounts.

Your pardon, O Embattled Hat Person -- but there are no SCA-wide
standards for viscomital or baronial hats.  Laurel Sovereign of Arms
has never codified such standards -- indeed, past Laurels have
specifically declined to address the issue.

 From the 12/92 LoAR cover letter:
On the question of regalia for Society Orders

    Some while back, the question of regalia came before the Board of
    Directors.  The regalia for the SCA-wide Orders are currently
    defined as follows: strawberry coronets for Dukes and Duchesses;
    embattled coronets for Counts (Earls) and Countesses; a rose
    wreath for the Order of the Rose; a closed circle of chain, and a
    white belt or baldric, for the Order of Chivalry; a laurel wreath
    for the Order of the Laurel; a pelican for the Order of the
    Pelican.  Additionally, Laurel has ruled (LoAR cover letter of 30
    July 84, p.5) that "the right of all SCA members to wear a simple
    thin circlet to hold their headdresses/hair down should not be
    abridged in any kingdom in the SCA."  Except for those
    restrictions, there are no Society-wide sumptuary laws; the forms
    of baronial or viscomital coronets, for instance, vary from
    Kingdom to Kingdom.
In addition, there was mention on SCAHRLDS this week that a friend
was hassled by an Atlantian seneschale over her new purple garb.  She
was told that purple was a restricted color.  I see nothing in
kingdom law about it; anybody know where this apparent Urban Legend
came from?


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