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Re: welcomes

Poster: BirchHeart@aol.com

In a message dated 98-10-18 10:30:42 EDT, barderic@mailcity.com writes:

 I dont' kow how close you will be, but there's a event in Davison next
 Might you be able to come?
 I'll be tehre the whole weekend, as I'm suppose to perform and some other
 Please say you can.
 Tristan >>

Greetings all!

Tristan, could you send details? I'll see what I can manage.........currently,
I'm the(one & only, ha!) weekend call nurse for Hospice of Lincoln County, but
Davidson is pretty close in case I get a beep to see a patient, and I'd love
to get to an event asap! Thanks!

Lady Eleonora----Many thanks for the information; I've visited the main SCA
site as well as the Barony of the Sacred Stone.......now place-names and
people are swirling colorfully about in my head! It will all settle into
place, as I become more familiar with the geography. I'll be contacting a few
of the folks you suggested.

Misty----I will glady share the candle lore I know! What part of SC are you
in? Hope it's upstate!

Baroness Margaret----Where will Twefth Night details be---on the website? I
saw that there was a solstice event at St. Michael's here in Gastonia; that's
wonderful! (my kids went to school there, oh so many moons ago)

Questions I had today------since I don't have a costume yet, what should I
wear to events? Are there meetings prior to events? As I'm getting started,
will it be appropriate for me to assist others until I'm able to get my own
stuff ready? I'll be glad to help out where I can.....cooking, needlecrafts,
soap/candle/herbcraft, first aid. Right now, my hours will be limited due to
work, but I'll do what I can(I am owed some favors from the other nurses!).

Thanks agaito all who are answering my novice questions so kindly!

Merry Part......
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