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Baronial Investiture at Fall Hunt

Poster: Duane Moore <poetamilitarus@yahoo.com>

> October 23-25th, 1998
> Barony of Caer Mear
> Hope to see you all there.

Feast will be cooked by Lord Keelan Macraith, with help from House
Griffoud, and Lord Robear de Bardoulf.
Spaces are available on-board...

Although there will be no "offical rapier list" in differance to the
Acadmie. There will be a rapier bear-pit, and pick-ups....

And now, last weeks answers:
(If you haven't guess these questions are part of the Baronial trivia
contest at fall hunt. The prize is a $20 gift certificate to Borders
Books and Music....

1.Who was the first baron of Caer Mear?
Thomas Edmund de Warwick

2.Name a Duke from C.M.:

3.Name three former queens from Caer Mear:
Eorann,Muirgen, Naombi, etc...

4. name the former baroness of C.M. who is also a laurel: D. Thorja

And now this weeks questions:
1.The Baronial Arts & Sciences award is:
A. The order of the Grindstone B. Brise de Mer C. The Order of the
grail D. The Order of the lighted Tower

2.What knight has been Baron:
A.Tojeneraeum B. Amalric C. Corby D.Bertrand

3.name C.M.'s Two colleges;

4.Which King & Queen has invested more baron & baronesses of Caer Mear?
A. Bertrand & Anya B. Michael & Carrisa C. Anton & Luned D. Kane &
Muirgen E. Olaf & Aislinn
Answers will be posted next week.... 
> Bryce de Byram,
> Master of the Hunt
> Byton@evilpeople.com 

Susan Juroff (Susanna Grey) no longer shares this account.
Write to her at bchama@yahoo.com

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