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Re: Sumptuary Laws (Correction, sheesh!)

Poster: Michael Houghton <herveus@Radix.Net>


> Poster: ASmith@psc.gov (Alan Smith)
>      Greetings all,
>      I just thought I'd clarify; I meant that the whole set of white belt, 
>      spurs and chain to identify Knights.  The key item, the one that 
>      differentiates a Knight from just some equestrian dude, is the white 
>      belt.  Gotta try to be more clear...

Officially, by the book, chains of any color are reserved to knights
and knights alone. 
>      The main thrust of the remark, though, was that Atlantia has not added 
>      any further restrictions in this area, in addition to what is provided 
>      for SCA-wide.
>      In service,

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