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RE: Tanning hides...

Poster: gregory.stapleton@funb.com

	Greetings, M'lord Petrus,
	The salt helps to act as a temporary preservative, to keep the
hide from spoiling until it can be properly tanned.  It is not tanning
in and of itself.  Two good resources for do-it-yourself tanning that
are easily obtainable are, 1) The Buckskinning Book, I believe Vol. 1,
though I'm not sure.  In it are directions for smoking and brain tanning
a dear hide in the Native American method.  2) There is an inexpensive
tanning kit that can be purchased from Tandy Leather that has enough
components in it to do a couple of average deer hides.  There are
umpteen dozens of books on the subject, check your public library.
Also, this web site has some links to sites that explain how to tan deer


	Hope this helps.

	Lord Gawain Kilgore
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