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Used to be tanning; now Emergency Vet!

Poster: Denise McMahon <baroness@stierbach.org>

Logan & Arielle wrote:
> Logan 8^)who didn't do a lot of hunting in Queens (and cries constantly
> during emergency vet on Animal Planet, so I probably couldn't hunt and kill
> anything)

Ah hah! someone *else* addicted to Emergency Vet! Baron Ivan leaves the 
room every time I want to watch it- says that he can't bear to see
the little critters getting worked on. This from the guy who was hailed
a "god of death" during Kingdom Crusades because of his near 1 to 1
kill ratio in combat archery. :) But watching the little critters
get sewn up and saved- oh no! he's just too tender hearted for that-
and boy! am *I* glad he is... so you are in great in company!

Baroness Rowan

Dounoc'h eo kaloun ar merc'hed 'vit ar mor douna euz ar bed
(The heart of woman is deeper than the deepest sea in the world)
                                   Breton proverb from the Ile de Batz
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