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Re: What are folks doing for Halloween?

Poster: Brenna <sunnie@exis.net>

Andrea Gideon wrote:

> Poster: "Andrea Gideon" <andrea.gideon@erols.com>
> >
> >Amalie wrote:
> >
> >>What are folks doing for Halloween?
> I'm going to a Halloween party hosted by a work friend.  My husband and I
> made a promise to not wear garb to this party.  Every once in a while it's
> fun to look at the Xena and Bill Clinton costumes:)
> Giovanna Mancuso
> Andrea

I already went to a Halloween party and I wore a new wenching garb with 8 yd
of skirts and a velvet (very low cut and shelfing) top.  The effect (both on
my husband and his coworkers) was about what I expected.  I decided halfway
through the party that men couldn't look at me and talk to me at the same
time.  GRIN.  It's fun to wear the garb out amoung 'em sometimes.  Plus, I
gave info to two people about joining based on the idea of wearing garb like
that on a regular basis.  Now, on Halloween, I have to work and take my kids
out trick or treating.  Maybe I'll wear the garb out again.


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