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Re: fighter practices

Poster: Nicole Honeycutt <ladyemma@mindspring.com>

At 12:02 AM 10/29/98 -0500, bluestar wrote:
>Poster: bluestar <bluestar@sccoast.net>
>Greetings and salutations good gentles of atlantia,
>	I am in need of a schedule and location of fighter practices (should
>such exist) in the Fayetville (sp?) area.  I would like to attend those
>which my mundane schedule allows.  
>                            Thank you for your time,
>				Vladimir

Well it's not Fayettville but we do have a great fighter practice in
Pittsboro, NC
it's about an hour and a half from Fayettville but the drive is worth it. 
Last night we had 8 with 2 of our regulars sidelined with injuries. It's
Wed. nights
starts between 7:00pm and 7:30pm.  We have large lights we put up,
so they play pretty late into the night.

If anyone wants more info email me and  I'll tell you all about it. 

Emma of Elandonan

The Phoenicians were not great philosophers... they pondered the simpler
questions, like "If I stick this spear in you, can I take your stuff?",
"Do you have relatives that would be mad if I took your stuff?", and
"Can my relatives beat up your relatives?"
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