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Re: Kingdom's Crusade: an Atlantian Archer's View (LONG)

Poster: Donald Wagner <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>

Julien de Montfort wrote:
> Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>
> Four problems reared up, as I saw it. First off, as happened last year,
> the archers were brutally slaughtered if the East Kingdom could manage
> to get a single fighter or two through the line, at which point they
> could usually tag a couple of us before they were brought down by
> heavies.  The obvious solution to this problem is a small rear guard to
> hang back, whose sole job is to defend the archers.  Most of the time,
> it wouldn't take very long, and with a heavy fighter guarding two or
> three archers (assuming we kept together somewhat) that would be all we
> need.  If someone breaks through, one of the rear guard intercepts
> them, killing them if possible, or if not, simply defending himself and
> keeping the target occupied until the archers split on either side of
> him and shoot him full of holes. :-)

Last year, we lost two field battles to a crew of five fighters who
raked through our archers.  Steven OReilly asked for help and all I
could give was me.  That year it was a team of five, and this year was a
band of rogues with no cohesion and no certain number.  During this
year's first battle, I spent way to long hunting down one fighter at a
time.  I had great success stopping a line of men for a few seconds
while you poke em full of holes...one at a time was a different story.
It was worse when the first battle began with a break through the
central army.  Ouch.  
There were suddenly twenty fighters in the backfield hunting you like
hounds.  Wehn that didn't happen, I had enough business in the backfield
to learn that knocking someone down is much quicker than taking time to
kill them.

The second field battle, when we curled into a circle with the archers
IN THE SCA!!  It wasn't carrots in a Cuisinart.  It was Atlantia - La

> The rear guard would not be a glamorous position, I suppose, but it
> would be an invaluable one.  In every case where the line began to
> break up, the first Easterner through would eliminate several of us.
> On several occasions, it appeared (and later discussions with some of
> the East later that evening confimed) that several units were assigning
> one or two people to act solely as archer-killers, and the unit would
> blast the line long enough to get that single individual behind to do
> his duty.  It was a very good tactic on the part of the East, and
> without a rear guard to defend us, highly successful.

Actually, it is.  All the archers become best buddies with you and give
you free alcohol, watch your dog while your warring, etc.

HL Falcone
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