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Re: Were any of the Scottish ever knighted?

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<< I suspect that you are referring to "The Steel Bonnets" and I believe
 that the author is MacDonald-Fraiser. The same author as the Flashman 

The very one!  Thank you.
 <<The new Norman nobility held lands in feudal 
 service to the king of Scotland. Many of the families that were 
 important in Scottish history were settled in feudal tenure in the 
 twelfth century. One such family was the Stewards.>>

Another one of note was that of Bruce.  The 1124 Charter of King DavidI to
Robert du Brus reads:
"David, by the grace of God King of Scots, to all his barons, men and friends,
French and English, greeting.  Know ye that I have given and granted to Robert
de Brus Estrahanent and all the land from the boundary of Randolph Meschin;
and I will grant that he should hold and have that land and its castle well
and honourable with all its customs, namely with all those customs which
Randolph Meschin ever had in Carduill and in his land of Cumberland on that
day in which he had them most fully and freely.  Witnesses: Eustace Fitzjohn,
Hugh de Morville, Alan de Perci, William de Somerville, Berengar Engaine,
Randolph de Sules, William de Morville, Hervi son of Warin and Edmund the
chaimberlain.  At Scone."

The lands referred to as Estrahanent are known as Annandale and Carduill is

Eogan Og
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