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Re: A question about consecration/deconsecration

Poster: Doug and Maria Munitz <ginevra@bellsouth.net>

>Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>
>Greetings, all!
>A question, if I may: I'm way out of my element here, so I thought I'd
>pose the question to the list at large.
>This weekend, at an antique/consignment store, I bought a large pewter
>goblet that had been used as a cummunion chalice in a church before it
>was, presumably, retired.  It is a beautiful, plain, very large goblet,
>and I'd like to use it for events and all (or maybe as a gift, I'm not
>My question, however, regards sanctified objects.  I can assume that at
>some point in time, this was a sanctified object (it's history would
>almost guarantee that).  Are these types of objects, however,
>"de-sanctified" when they are retired?  Not that I have any worries
>about what may happen if I pour some wine into it at some later date,
>but I would feel somewhat uncomfortable drinking from what many might
>still consider to be a consecrated vessel.
>And if it is likely not to be deconsecrated, how would I go about doing
>so?  Just taking a drive down to my local church and asking the priest
>there to indulge my concerns over it?

Just look up a local church in the yellow pages and call;  they'll gladly give
any information you need.  When my 9 year old was getting her classes
before her first communion, I was surprized to hear how delicately things
were taken care of after they were no longer used.  More than likely, if it
needed anything done
to desantify it, it was done at the church already.

Lady Ginevra

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