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Waivers for Crown

Poster: "Michael Ruttle" <mruttle@xperts.com>

Couple questions for those that have been around the block a couple times.

In an earlier discussion it was shown that the Monarch has that ability to
waive residency requirements for fighting in Crown. This begs two questions:

1) Historically, does the kingdom more frequently grant permission to fight
or enforce existing residency requirements?
2) Doesn't one already require permission of the Monarch to fight in crown
since the Crown can in truth deny anyone's request?

What I'm getting at is this.

First, a waiver is an exception to the rule.  If a waiver is done more
frequently than it is not done than that waiver is technically the rule (of

Secondly, a rule that requires special review by the Monarch and matches the
special review privileges inherent in the Monarchy are redundant and silly.

Thus, one or two things should happen.  
*Strike both sections and of Red Tape as they are not
*Strike section of Red Tape as it should be enforced without waiver.

Colin Gordon

P.S. Anyone note that I'm not a very "shades of gray" kind of a person?

Footnote: Parts of Red Tape sited above All participants in a Crown Tournament must be subjects of the
Kingdom of Atlantia who have resided in Atlantia for at least one year
immediately prior to the Crown Tourney.  Any or all of the requirements for entrance to the Crown
Tournament stated above, with the exception of those required by Corpora,
may be waived by the Crown.
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