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Re: Book Project

Poster: Josh <dungeon@norfolk.infi.net>

Speaking of books, I had a neat idea the other day. It was to make a book of
heraldry of all the Kings, Queens, Princesses, and Princes of Atlantia in
chronological order done through illumination. Considering Atlantia's still
a young kingdom I would not forsee it too much of a problem to make this a
living book. Anotherwards every reign the King and Queen chooses a scribe to
add Their arms to the book.(This of course at Thier pleasure) It would be a
nifty artifact and a good gift to Their Majesties. However this is a huge
undertaking to get the base. Going to the Order of Precidence, and getting
all the Royalties arms through the years, Illumination, and Book Binding,
but it is worth wild I'm sure you agree. So if you would like to help out by
doing a page or two,and/or do or know someone that binds books the period
way, drop me a line at dungeon@norfolk.infi.net . This of course is still in
the ideas stage, and I am not saying I going to do it, but I am currently
investigating the plausibility of doing it. Thinking aloud you might say.
In service,
Tristan ap Elwin

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