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Re: Waivers for Crown

Poster: "Michael Ruttle" <mruttle@xperts.com>

>> 2) Doesn't one already require permission of the Monarch to fight in crown
>> since the Crown can in truth deny anyone's request?
>Yes, although a reason for denial is required (Section

But could not the King publicly state that because a given fighter has blue
eyes he's not permitted and still meet the letter of THAT law. It says he 
must "state cause"...not a GOOD cause. Outside of seeming capricious, I see 
no obligation of the Crown to publicly make a good case.

>True enough; I think the *idea* is that the one year is a *guideline*
>for the Monarchs.  

I just feel that guidelines should not be made law.  In fact, it's an
example of a good "cause" required under Section

>However you bring up an interesting point. Sections, and
> are certainly redundant to Corpora (Are you listening Falcone?!)

The first subsection should combine these three and state something like: Comply with all relevant Crown requirements listed in Corpora.

> is only somewhat different from Corpora at present (it's more explicit)

This one's second sentence just isn't stated clearly. It's not at all clear
in its meaning even after a third reading. And the third sentence makes the
first not necessary.

>and and seem to be in direct contradiction to each other.  
>Subsection 5 has the stronger and clearer language, subsection 9 preserves the 
>'power of the Crown' somewhat more....  Perhaps Their Majesties and the Clerk of 
>Law could take this up at the next Curia?

I would make a small list of disqualifires and include them as examples as
to why the Crown could show cause under Section and kill
subsections,, and  I'm for giving the Monarch as much power by 
default as possible trusting in him/her to make appropriate decisions.


Colin G
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