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Re: Myths and Rumors

Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>

At 02:15 PM 11/3/98 -0500, Dave Montuori wrote:
>Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>
>Rhiannon>> Any questions?
>Rosine> Yes. How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?
>I'm sorry, your Excellency, but you have left too many terms
>in your question, and thus we cannot answer it.
>Of course, all this is moot if the beings in question cannot dance.
>ducking and running

No, no, Evan!  Lady Rosine asked the question of *Triton*, which puts
the answer solidly in the realm of heraldry.  Now, if there was an
easy single-digit answer (2, 3, 6, or whatever) the answer would have
been known  yea these many years.  Since there are obviously more
than 9, and heralds do not count higher than 8, the heraldic answer
is "Semy of angels".

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