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Re: On Angels

Poster: Nordaim <samann@cs.millersv.edu>

> >or we could take the position that anything with 
>                     wings is gonna be proud of them and therefore wave them about.<
> But then they wouldn't be TRUE angels b/c God didn't creat angels that are Prideful/Boastful accoreidng to the common belief of the time, and so they would most likely be dhanceing simply with tier wings folded.

	On an odd side note, has anyone read "Good Omens", I believe it is
by Terry Pratchet and Neil Gaiman.  I just remember a line in there in
which the angel (Azeriphal?) and demon (Crowley?) are walking around with
one another and there was a comment on the wings of the demon being very
clean and well groomed where as the angel's were somewhat disheveled.
The explanation has something to do with the demon's caring more about
their appearance. 


	Alfred Grai

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