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Lynn's comment and your response

Poster: Grey Randall <randallg@pxi.com>

Um.. you may want to re-read the message in it's context

Grey:>> 6) Keep the leg of lamb roasting until all 5 cats are nicer to you 
Grey:>> each other) than they have ever been in their lives, or your next 
Grey:>> neighbor comes over and offers to bear your children.

Lynn:>Forget her...*I* will bear your children for a meal like that!!! 
Lamb is my
Lynn:>favorite meat, and my taste in wines runs towards the sweet. *sigh*  
I had a
Lynn:>delicious lamb steak of some sort with a wonderful red wine when I 
was in
Lynn:>Oxford a couple of years ago...

She was saying to forget the neighbor's offering to bear my children. Not 


Grey Randall
Webmaster/IT Systems Support
Praxis, Inc.
"Milla nummi pro capite hominis nothum inconsiderati 
qui ultimam poculum potus capit neque novam ollam fabricatur!"

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