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UL's-lets move on...

Poster: Beiskaldi@aol.com

In a message dated 98-11-09 15:25:59 EST, you write:

>It only takes a few minutes to check on Snopes or the like for an indication
>that it's an urban legend; and you may be saving someone some grief by *not*
>posting it.

  Very true milord--remember the UL about the people whose kidneys were
stolen?  Well, my father had a kidney transplant many years ago--needless to
say, that particular one didn't go over with me very well.

  Anyway, speaking of wasting bandwith and dead horses, I believe this gentle
has been sufficiently chastised today, enough info has been spread that when
someone thinks a missive smacks of legend they know where to go now.  Lets
move on to more interesting subjects like Pilgrim's Progress and Holiday

  (Anyone who feels the need to flame me & get it off their chest is welcome,
but please not here, send it privately so others' mailboxes arent stuffed with
more things to delete.)

Lady Thyra
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