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Re: Defence, adn let's end it.

Poster: Beiskaldi@aol.com

In a message dated 98-11-10 12:08:45 EST, you write:

>When I saw it, 1.  I didn't know HOW to check it, and still not sure, and 2.
>I had a friend my semester at Averett College that fell into a nest of
>coperheads (I beleive), and was in the hospital for a while b/c of it.

Greetings milord from Lady Thyra!  I agree with you in some points, that you
want to make sure people are cautious.  Thus my post for people to move on--I
have no problem with discussions, but *most* of the posts I had read were
simply the same thing over and over again, and I personally dont consider that
to be discussion.  I want to say just a couple things:

1)  for further info on UL's, check out these websites:  www.urbanlegends.com,
or www.snopes.com --they lead you thru all the popular stories, have
researched them for authenticity to some extent (seems a few on occasion are
actually true) and keep the sites reasonably up to date.  There is also a site
for hoaxes, ie virus alerts.  I dont know it offhand, but if anyone wants it
let me know & when i get to my home computer I will be happy to post or
forward it.

2)  Snakes, ticks, vicious attack-bugs--they are all a problem, at outdoor
sites and in the modern world.   Better safe than sorry--nuff said.

3)  Regarding snakes, I would like to mention something that happened around
my area a couple years ago (western MD)--this is true, not a
legend--apparently some poisonous blacksnakes were found out in the mountains
(dont worry, not anywhere we have events)--somehow they had bred with
copperheads.  Havent heard of any recent problems like this however.  Point
isnt to scare everyone, just to point out that if you dont know what it is,
dont mess with it and it likely wont want to mess with you.  Teach your kids
to not play with the cute little squirmy things with scales, wear decent
footwear (I have lost count of the number of times I have twisted my ankle or
hurt my already pathetic excuse for knees) and take general common sense
precautions.  (I know I tend to be lacking in common sense relative to average
people so i try to take that into account when packing for an event.)

In service,
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