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Re: A remarkable Medieval Collection in our own back yard...

Poster: Nancy Davis <nancyad@mindspring.com>

At 04:10 PM 11/10/98 Gawain Kilgore wrote:
>In Durham, NC at Duke Univeristy at the Duke University Art Museum, they
>house the Brummer Collection of Medieval Art.  It is cited as being a
>"remarkable collection of medieval art ... which ranges from monumental
>stone pieces to small objects in wood, ivory and metal."
>Anyone been to see this?  Could you supply further comment on the

Went there today. Unfortunately at the moment only part of the collection
is on display as a temporary exhibit has forced the museum to squeeze the
permanent collection into a smaller space. Within the week a projected date
for the Brummer to be back to the usual exhibit will be established.
Probably in place by Christmas. 

The 20 or so pieces that are out now include a number of wooden and stone
statuary, stained glass, two ivory triptychs, a large wooden chest, and an
exquisite Book of Hours. Since you can't turn the pages of this gem, there
is a computer with a very elaborate program to click through explaining
about hour books and showing the detail of each page. Certainly my favorite
item. Wonderful for scribes.

The Museum is located on Duke University's East Campus, in about the middle
of the campus space. According to the catalogue I picked up, there is
designated Museum parking behind the building if you enter at Trinity St.
(The work-study student who answered the phone was clueless about this and
I parked off campus and walked several blocks).

Hours are Tues-Fri. 10-5, and till 9:00 on Wed.during the academic year,
Sat 11-2, Sun 2-5.  They book group visits. (I have the education
coordinators e-mail :-) When the exhibit is back up, as the local MoAS, I
plan to schedule a group visit for locals and any others who want to go.

I can't believe I have lived in Durham for 20 years and did not know about
this museum.

Nancy A. Davis

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