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Solution for bounceback problem

Poster: Luznicky <we4@widomaker.com>

Greetings unto all:

As an armorer, past  heavy (hopefully again) and will be CA the solution
seems obvious to me.

Since any shaft of less than 1+" can bounce back thru a grill do what they
do out west (Caid I believe) and either _advise_ or _require_ eye level
screening or safty glasses be used when CA is in use.
The screening need not be too heavy, the level of fencing mesh or light
perforated steel would work nicely.  It also need not be a permanent
addition as long as it is solidly attached so as not to come loose in use
or under impact.

I know some people don't think that the heavies will like this, but it is a
saftey issue.  
If the Marshalls feel it is a serrious saftey issue, due to the potential
for severe injury, then make it manditory.  If they think it is a risk,
then let all authorized fighters know, by including it in the armor
standards, that it is advised and leave it up to each combatant to weigh
the risk themselves.

Good saftey glasses cost about $10, well worth it.  Anyone who needs to
wear glasses to fight should already be wearing saftey lenses.

Yours in these current Middle Ages

Mikhail the Armorer
Tarkhan Bright Hawk
Great Household of the Dark Horde

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