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12fhth night rapier

Poster: Phillip Jones <jonesj@InfoAve.Net>

Tavern brawl? at TWELFTH night? How undignified. No, dear friends, we'll
have a prize-fight/dutch auction instead.

The entry fee for each fencer will be some spiffy prize, something worthy of
the one who inspires you, demonstrative of your support for the Kingdom,
your esteem for Their Royal Majesties and Highnesses, etc. Entries are
limited only by your imagination, and could be goods or services: Pennsic
Set-up for instance, or Pavilion Washing and Waterproofing. Be creative. You
are also welcome to approach others to "sponsor" you into the fight.

Once we are all gathered together and have our prizes submitted, we'll
auction off each fighter. All proceeds from the auction will go to purchase
crayons, etc for the Kingdom Publications and the Kingdom Smalls. After
pairings are announced, we'll auction off the fighters. Each bout will
consist of at least 3 matches, with the contestants changing weapon styles
at each pass. First to 3 touches wins. The bidder on the winning fighter
will receive first choice of the two prizes represented, the bidder on the
other fighter will receive the other prize.

Clear as mud? Let's try an example:

Lord Generousity has entered with dinner for 2 at the Kingdom Event of your
choice. Lady Magnanimity has entered with a copy of the Bayonne tapestry
(why make a tapestry about New Jersey?).

 After spirited bidding, Lord G. goes for $50,000.00 to HRM,  Lady M goes
quietly for $4500 to HRH. Lady M sweeps the matches, and HRH gets first
choice of those two prizes, HRM gets the other. Betting on individual points
is welcomed, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if some members of the
Academy weren't there to make book with nuggets from the Godiva Mines
(available at the site).

And what about the noble fighter? Well, someone has offered up a schlager
blade for the best dressed, another for the best death, and still another
for the most entertaining kill. And, to reward the spirit of the event, a
noble swept-hilt from Scottie Armouries for the gentle responsible for
raising the most money for the kingdom.

So, come fight, come bid, come bet; come cheer the generous and salute the

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