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Re: Plastic, and other (fwd)

Poster: CGScoop@aol.com

Julien wrote

<< Just wondering, but what would be the advantage of such?  Did period
 shields degrade over the course of a single instance of combat? >>

I was always under the impression that the idea was for you opponent's sword
to dig a few inches into your shield and then hopefully get stuck there. That
would at least make him take the time to wrench it free. Of course an even
better outcome would be for you to jerk your shield arm and wrench the weapon
from your opponent's hand.

Of course the main reason we don't try to emulate this is the same reason we
don't allow shield punches -- it would be too dangerous. A rubber-edged SCA
shield probably won't pass through the bars on your helm, or even hurt much if
it did. A true medieval shield would take a few hits and get a nice jagged
edge which could lead to some nice gaping wounds and even eye injuries (we've
discussed that enough lately).

This is, at least, my understanding of it.
William of Falestone
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