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Re: General Questions about Kingdom 12th Night

Poster: Logan & Arielle <sirlogan@mail.clt.bellsouth.net>

There is a correction as far as the heavy tourney goes.

The tourney will begin around 10:00 and last only until noon.

So, come, fight, go to the hotel and shower, throw on yer nice duds, eat lunch
and/or come back, hang out, have fun, enjoy the party afterwards.

Easy enough??

Duke Logan

Marsha Goodell wrote:

> Poster: Marsha Goodell <mgoodell@osf1.gmu.edu>
> Greetings,
> Duke Logan posted an event announcement for the autocrat of Kingdom 12th
> Night to this list a couple of weeks back (I'm a little fuzzy on the when).
> Here it is again.  This should cover most of your questions as to what is
> going on and to whom you should send your reservations etc.
> As far as do people from Storvik and Ponte Alto plan to go to Kingdom 12th
> Night, the answer is... heck, yes!  As to how many or who, I couldn't tell
> you that other than my lord and I plan to be there as well as a number of
> our friends (most of us live in Ponte Alto, some in Storvik, some in
> Stierbach, some in Highland Foorde, some in Lochmere, some in Bright Hills,
> some in Dun Carraig, some in Roxbury Mill).  I would suggest you talk to
> people at local meetings in your area and see if you can hitch a ride with
> any of them that are going to the event.
> -Winifred (who hasn't sent in her reservation yet, but plans to real soon now)
> EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT (as previously posted to this list)
> Kingdom Twelfth Night
>  Their August Majesties, Anton and Luned have commanded that a
> cele> of the Canton of the Guardians of the Sacred Stone.  Come join Them in
> celebrating this joyous time of year at a Medieval Street Faire, with
> entertainment and amusements galore!  Their Majesties have selected
> purple and white as the colors of the day.
>  Competitions include: Royal Bard hosted by Lady Ysolt la Bretonne , the
> preliminaries for the Royal Bard competition will begin at 11am. Royal
> Armourer hosted by Baron Heinrich Von Kreiner, Period Dress Accessories
> (excluding hats and shoes) sponsored by the Kingdom Arts and Science
> Officer Baroness Genevieve d'Aquitaine, Feast Table Decorating (Period
> is good, but excess is best!) sponsored by Mistress Jessamyn di
> Piemonte, and Best Yule Theme Mask at the Ball.
>  There will be dancing to satisfy the most enthusiastic dancer.  A
> Carouso Ball will be held in the afternoon in preparation for the masked
> ball to be held that evening.  There will also be countless children's
> activities during the day.
> The Order of the Sea Stag will be sponsoring a heavy weapons double
> elimination "rose" tournament after lunch. Any weapons form is allowed,
> and the winner of each bout will be presented with a rose, which they
> may bestow upon the gentle of their choice.  The populace is also
> invited to participate in the rapier tavern brawl, where "wagering" on
> your favorite fighter will be highly encouraged.
>  The incomparable Baroness Rachel de Johnstone is preparing a savory
> feast for 200 and lunch will be provided for a nominal fee.  Merchants
> and artisans are most welcome.
> Site opens 10am and closes at 10pm. Post revel will be in a ballroom at
> the Howard Johnson on Woodlawn Road (See information below) where you
> can continue the evening's festivities in the company of good friends.
> The site is wet (beer and wine), no original containers please.
>  The event site is St. Ann's Catholic Church at 3635 Park Road in
> Charlotte NC. We have made a group reservation at the Howard Johnson Inn
> at 122 W. Woodlawn Road, Charlotte, NC. Reservations need to be made by
> calling (704)-527-1620, no later than December 20, 1998. Mention the
> S.C.A. to get the group rate of $47.04 (tax included).  Please mention
> whether or not you have made your hotel reservation when sending in your
> event reservation.
> Directions to the hotel and site:
> >From the North: Take your best route to I-77 South. Take the Woodlawn
> Road exit 6A.  This will put you on Woodlawn Road (the exit forces you
> to go right onto Woodlawn Road) and the hotel will be just ahead on your
> left, behind an IHOP pancake house.
> Site: Continue on Woodlawn 1.2 miles past the hotel to Park Road.  Turn
> left.  Proceed .6 miles and St. Ann's is on your right at the corner of
> Park and Hillside.
> >From the South: Take your best route to I-77 or I-85 North.  On I-77
> take the Woodlawn Road Exit. Turn right at the top of the ramp and the
> hotel will be just ahead on your left, behind an IHOP pancake house. On
> I-85 take the Billy Graham Parkway Exit and turn right at the top of the
> ramp. Stay on Billy Graham as it will become Woodlawn (when it crosses
> I-77). Once you cross over I-77 the hotel will be just ahead on your
> left, behind an IHOP pancake house.
> Site: Follow the directions to the site above.
> Autocrat: Lady Rixende de Rouen (Jhan Knebel)  1600 N. Wind Pl #108
> Charlotte, NC 28210
> (704)552-8146  rixende@dasia.net
> Deputy Autocrats:
> Ceara ingen an Fear-fearainne (Dominica Harlan) Duchess Arielle the
> Golden (Courtney Hester)
> (704) 556-7173 dharlan@rodgersbuilders.com (704) 399-1200
> sirlogan@bellsouth.net
>  Feastocrat: (Please contact with dietary concerns) Baroness Rachel de
> Johnstone (Lisa Adams)  (704) 455-3594
> Reservations:  Lady Dryw MacMorcat (Dryw Freed)  5910 Meadowhill Dr.
> Charlotte NC 28212(704) 566-8346 dryw@shawdowsand.com
> Merchant Coordinator: Baroness Gwynwilf of Sacred Stone  (Beth Roberts)
>  (704) 986-6724  gwynwilf1wolf@yahoo.com
>  Cost: $12.00 with feast, $7.00 without feast. Make Checks Payable to
> "Canton of the Guardians of the Sacred Stone/SCA Inc."
> At 11:39 AM 11/19/98 -0500, akratts@boole.com wrote:
> >
> >Poster: akratts@boole.com
> >
> >Dear Gentles:
> >
> >I have some general questions about the Kingdom 12th Night in Charlotte,
> >NC, on January 9. I saw the listing in the Acorn (online) but there is not
> >jump to more information about registration or what events will be taking
> >place there. My questions are:
> >
> >- Do people from the Baronies of Storvik and Ponte Alto drive south for the
> >celebration? (I'm thinking about car-pooling possibilities.)
> >- How do we register?
> >- Is it just a feast or are there other things going on?
> >
> >Any and all answers would be appreciated. Perhaps there are other newbies
> >sitting in the darkened corners of the Merry Rose who would like to know
> >the answers to these questions as well.
> >
> >Many thanks,
> >
> >Hildegarde
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