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Greatest knights in Christendom

Poster: jsrechts@imap.unc.edu

A number of biggies - William Marshall for one and Bertrande de Guesclin
have already been mentioned.

One of the greatest is Jean le Meingre, also called Marshall Boucicault.
He was not only a kick ass knight out on the field but
also founder of the Order of the White Lady with the Green Shield, a
chivalric fraternity dedicated to ladies (especially widows).
He also had a pretty amazing training regimine which included scaling
ladders in his armor and working out on a pell for hours with a heavy
He held the field for 31 days at St. Inglevert.  Unfortunately, he was
on the losing side of major battles including Nicopolis in the 1390's
and Agincourt.

Geoffroi de Charny is another personal favorite.  He was one of the
founders of the Order of the Star and wrote Le Livre de Chivalrie.
He was another one of those cheveliers sans reproches.  He too was on
the losing side of major battles.

The Black Prince is up there too.  So is Sir John Chandos.
Henry Trastamara was a good knight who believed in the Chivalric ideals.
So was John II (le Bon) of France.  Of course,
chivalric ideals didn't mean winning battles.  Eddy III should get some
credit too.

BTW - Joan of Arc wasn't knighted.  There were a number of women war
leaders and fighters but they weren't knighted.


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