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Re: Atlantian Knights vs. the 7 Dwarves

Poster: Boroghul Khara <boroghul@bellatlantic.net>

On 20/Nov/1998, Fri 13:36:18, Cassandra the Forlorn said in the message 
titled:"Atlantian Knights vs. the 7 Dwarves"

>>Poster: Cassandra the Forlorn <lady-cassandra@rocketmail.com>
>>All this talk of the greatest Knights in Xendom has caused me to
>>ponder about our own Atlantian Knights.  Of the Atlantian Chivalry,
>>which would you pick as best the examples of various virtues (knightly
>>and otherwise) and why.

Double oog with nuts. 

*THERE'S* a question with a million different yet CORRECT answers.

As a whole, each one is the best example of the various virtues of 
chivalry, hence their being recognized as knights.

just my opinion on it.


Lord Boroghul Khara (mka Grey Randall)
Knight Marshal
Barony of Ponte Alto, Atlantia
"Milla nummi pro capite hominis nothum inconsiderati 
qui ultimam poculum potus capit neque novam ollam fabricatur!"

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