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Which Atlantian Knights are the 7 Dwarves?!?

Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>

Sorry, I read the title of Cassandra's recent message, and in my
overworked mind I immediately translated it to the following (diseased)

Which Atlantian Knights are the exemplars of the individual 7 dwarves?  In
other words, assign the Atlantian Chivalry to the following characters,
and justify your choice.

(Let's see if I can remember all the dwarves...)


and Thorin Oakenshield.  I can't remember the seventh.  Lucky?  Stinky?
Horny?  Goofy? (no, that was a dog...)  I just can't recall...

Note that altitude is not a determining factor, so Thorbrandr and Galmr
don't get off easy here.  In fact, I'd like to nominate Galmr for Grumpy
-- after all, he had a saga written in his first reign describing him as
Grim-visaged Galmr.  Although Gyrth can glower with the best of them, so
he is a strong candidate.  Maybe Amalric for Happy. Doc is clearly
Thorvaldr, even though he has moved to Buffalo -- he is often called
Doctor Pain.  He's still got squires and ex-squires in the area, so he


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