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Re: Which Atlantian Knights are the 7 Dwarves?!?

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

David KUIJT wrote:
> Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>
> Sorry, I read the title of Cassandra's recent message, and in my
> overworked mind I immediately translated it to the following (diseased)
> idea:
> Which Atlantian Knights are the exemplars of the individual 7 dwarves?  In
> other words, assign the Atlantian Chivalry to the following characters,
> and justify your choice.
> (Let's see if I can remember all the dwarves...)
> Grumpy
> Sleepy
> Dopey
> Sneezy
> Happy
> Doc
> and Thorin Oakenshield.  I can't remember the seventh.  Lucky?  Stinky?
> Horny?  Goofy? (no, that was a dog...)  I just can't recall...

You're sick.  Isn't the missing one Bashful?


> Note that altitude is not a determining factor, so Thorbrandr and Galmr
> don't get off easy here.  In fact, I'd like to nominate Galmr for Grumpy
> -- after all, he had a saga written in his first reign describing him as
> Grim-visaged Galmr.  Although Gyrth can glower with the best of them, so
> he is a strong candidate.  Maybe Amalric for Happy. Doc is clearly
> Thorvaldr, even though he has moved to Buffalo -- he is often called
> Doctor Pain.  He's still got squires and ex-squires in the area, so he
> counts.

Um, lessee:

I can't possibly nominate anyone for Dopey without risking bodily harm
at the next fighting practice (except perhaps a certain formerly-scruffy
Earl of my acquaintance).

I don't know of any knights with particularly bad hay fever or a coke
habit, so that pretty much leaves out Sneezy.

Sleepy could be interpreted a couple of ways - there are some that sorta
sneak up on you....

I'm all for Amalric as one of the Happy nominees.

There are several potential Grumpy candidates, with much the same
problem as nominating anyone for Dopey.

That kinda leaves Doc, 'cause I don't hardly know *any* knights that are


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